Other Programs & Services

Other Programs & Services

We offer a comprehensive TEAM approach to advanced rehabilitation applications within the healthcare industry.
The ACP programs improve the quality of life for patients and clinical outcomes by furnishing:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Clinical support
  • Training
  • The best in clinical outcomes

Physical Agent Modalities
Our clinical programs are designed to address the complex needs of patients experiencing a variety of neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Applications are used to:

  • Relieve pain to assist in obtaining greater function 
  • Treat muscle dysfunction
  • Increase circulation 
  • Reduce abnormal tone

Core Modality Programs
Our 26 core clinical protocol are indicated for patient referrals in the following settings:

  • Skilled nursing facility inpatient/outpatient
  • Post acute / subacute rehabilitation
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Physicians office
  • Physical therapy outpatient
  • Rehabilitation agency
  • Home health
  • Acute care / outpatient

Skin Care Program 

Transdisciplinary Team Approach
The scope of practice of both physical and occupational therapists, includes the prevention, identification, alleviation and resolution of acute and chronic soft tissue injury. The physical testing, measurement, assessment and treatment these therapists offer, provide an invaluable dimension in the care of the wound patient including:

  • Designing or recommendation of the splints, orthotics, support surfaces
  • Positioning and safety devices
  • Providing staff and family education specific to the patient needs

 The Physical Therapist can add unique treatments to the care plan.

These treatments include:

  • Electro therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Short-wave diathermy
  • Sharp debridement
  • Hydrotherapy
  • General mobility
  • Positioning techniques and devices
  • ACP is continually reviewing the scientific literature, field case studies and developing clinical trials to improve clinical outcomes efficacies of our treatment protocols
  • All our programs are implemented with the premise that “many” disciplines contribute to the overall outcome
  • ACP has a dedicated specialist spearheading our Skin Care Program. Clinical outcomes as well as the most cost-effective treatments and wound care management materials are continuously analyzed and updated.